How old do I need to be to play?

The All Girls Cricket Competition has four age groups:

11 &Under (Wednesday games)

 13 & Under (Wednesday games)

 16 & Under (Sunday games)

Under 18s (Tuesday games).

 The age cut off date is 1st September.

Am I too young or too old to play in this competition?

If you can play cricket, you are not too young to join this competition.

Overage players, wanting to join this competition or play in an all girls team, should contact their local club to discuss options available to them or contact allgirlscricket@gmail.com

Do I need experience?

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join although the following will give an indication of the experience required:

  • You may have been playing backyard cricket with siblings and/or friends

  • You may have gone through a Junior Blaster/Master Blaster or other 'entry level' program and be ready for the next step

  • You may be playing Club cricket already

  • You may be playing at school and want to play Club cricket NOTE: If you would like to start playing cricket, please contact your local club to find out about their Junior and Master Blaster programs.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee for this competition is a minimum of $150. Clubs charge different fees so make sure to check their registration pages for details. If you are new to the competition this fee includes your club shirt and club hat.   The fee also helps to pay for equipment, cricket balls, ground hire and events throughout the season.    

What equipment do I need to play?

Players will be required to play in a Club shirt. As the competition will be played on synthetic wickets, runners will also be required. All Clubs have a shared Team playing kit (bat, pads, gloves, helmets) that you will be able to use.

Players may wish to purchase their own equipment (bat, pads, gloves, helmets). Participating Clubs can assist in providing names of places and the type of equipment to buy.

When will the season start?

Usually, the season starts in mid-October and we play through until a week or so before Christmas.

We start again late in January and finals are held in March.


Where and when will training be?

The participating Clubs will manage the training sessions but it is anticipated there would be one training session each week which will go for an hour.  The night that this is scheduled will be decided by the coaches and team management of each team.

The majority of AGCC Clubs train on Mondays and Thursdays but make sure to check this with your local Club.

When will games be played?

11 & Under and 13 & Under games are played on Wednesday nights 5.00pm-7.30pm.

16 & Under games are played on Sunday mornings 8.30am – 11.30am.

Under 18 games are played on Tuesday nights 5.00pm-7.30pm.

Where will the games be played?

The games will be played as a home and away fixture. Each Club provides information as to which are their 'home grounds' for the games.

The grounds for the competition will be allocated before the season commences.

What will be the format of the games?

11 & Under Wednesday games - Stage 1 Junior Formats - 20 overs each game

13 & Under Wednesday games – Stage 1 Junior Formats - 20 overs each game - C-Grade

13 & Under Wednesday games – Stage 2 Junior Formats - 20 overs each game - A and B-Grades available

16 & Under - B-Grade - Sunday games – Stage 2 Junior Formats - 20 overs each game

16 & Under - A-Grade - Sunday games – Stage 3 Junior Formats - 40 overs two day games - split innings 

Under 18 - Tuesday games - Stage 3 Junior Formats - 20 overs each game


One of the goals of the AGCC is to ensure all players get the opportunity to bat, bowl and field during each game. We are also looking at how their game sense can develop as they move through the age groups.

For full details of the AGCC adapted Stage 1 and Stage 2 rules as they differ from the Cricket Australia’s format, please click here.

How long will a game take?

Games will all be one day games lasting between 2 – 3 hours except for the 16 & Under A-Grade.  The rules are designed to ensure there is as little “time wasting” as possible to minimise the total time the game takes (for example bowlers only bowling from one end).

How many girls play in a team?

During a match there are between 7 -11 girls on the field, depending on the game format. The team can still play if they have a minimum of 5 players for stage 1 and 7 players for stage 2 and 3.

Who will coach the team?

Once teams are allocated, parents within each team will have the opportunity to fill this very important role.  The AGCC in conjunction with Cricket Victoria will assist in providing a Level 1 coaching course for parent volunteers wanting to coach.  All participating Clubs will provide designated support to assist with Coaches and team training. The parent list will also provide the volunteers for the other roles that ensure a smooth and enjoyable season.

The AGCC works with Cricket Southern Bayside and Cricket Victoria to build connections with clubs so, where possible, female coaches can be connected with AGCC teams.

What league is the All Girls Cricket Competition part of?

The All Girls Cricket Competition is part of Cricket Southern Bayside (CSB). The CSB Board, CSB Operations Manager together with the AGCC Competition Management Group are responsible for the management of the competition including fixtures, rules, promotion etc.

What involvement does Cricket Victoria have in this competition?

Cricket Victoria plays a supporting role for this competition.  Advising to the All Girls Cricket Competition Committee, they will provide coaching support, promotional and operational advice to help make this competition successful and enduring.

If my current Club doesn’t have a girls team does that matter?

NO.  You are welcome to play with one of the participating Clubs as well as continue with your current Club.  This competition is an All Girls Competition and we anticipate over the coming years more and more Clubs will register a side.  All ISEC and SECA clubs are aware of the AGCC with a large number having teams in the Competition.

How and when do I register?

You will be able to register on-line via the website of your participating club.  

Most club registrations will commence in August each year.

How do I find out more?

You can contact your nearest participating club as listed on our website allgirlscricket.com.au

Or contact the AGCC via allgirlscricket@gmail.com